Cooking Lessons

The head chef of the Hotel California, Dany Lamote, will teach you to prepare terrific Mexican dishes with fresh local and seasonal ingredients. He blends traditional Mexican cooking techniques with French, Asian and Italian styles and introduces his students to obscure Baja foods – nopales (cactus paddle), izote (yucca flowers) and damiana (a desert shrub).

The class lasts approximately 3 hours – cooking for the first half, and dining during the second half. Each class begins with a welcome margarita and ends with a tasting of Hotel California’s award winning tequila. Each student leaves with a set of recipes.  You can “upgrade” the experience with a tequila and wine pairing that compliment the meal. Great for couples, groups of home chefs, foodies and wine lovers.  Read about the fun we had taking the cooking class on our blog.

Here is a sample 5-6 course menu:

First Course  
Mexican Style Carpaccio

Second Course 
Shrimp Brochettes on Rosemary Skewers, Coconut, Chipotle, Tequila Cream Sauce, Fried Slivers of Ginger 

Third Course 
Mini Chile Rellenos with Crab and Three Cheeses, Fresh Pineapple Salsa 

Fourth Course   
Organic Desert Greens Drizzled with Baja Olive Oil, Hearts of Palm, Agave Glazed Pecans, Lamb Served with Nopal, Goat Cheese and Cuitlacoche Crostinis

Fifth Course
Dorado with Spicy Salsa Verde, Capers, Olives and Artichoke Hearts

Dessert Course
Avocado, White Chocolate and Tequila Milkshake

Classes offered daily from 11am to 2pm at Santo Vino (Hotel California’s Bistro Restaurant). Chef Dany is available to host an evening class at Villa Santa Cruz on Sunday nights (4+ persons). $100 USD/person for basic class, $175 USD/person for upgrade with wine/tequila (includes 1 glass wine/tequila per person per course).