Villa Santa Cruz

Villa Santa Cruz Featured in National Geographic Traveler - December 2012/January 2013 Issue

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Villa Santa Cruz is featured in the December 2012/January 2013 issue of National Geographic Traveler as one of four Mexican eco-lodges along the Pacific Coast. The article highlights the "growing number of eco-lodges intent on . . . being friendly to Earth," an idea that we strive to achieve every day at Villa Santa Cruz.  With our solar power systems for both the Villa and pool, reclaimed architectural pieces and home-style meals prepared with local ingredients, we keep our carbon footprint small and let the beauty of the Baja landscape take center stage. Check out the article below!

We're in Hot Water! New Eco-Friendly Pool Heating System

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In a matter of days, Villa Santa Cruz, Boutique Hotel on the Beach, will have an eco-friendly heated swimming pool! While the weather in Todos Santos is amazing year round, a heated swimming pool will ensure our guests’ comfort whether it is December, March or July. And, most importantly, the pool will be heated by an innovative solar system, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

After doing the research, talking to experts and investigating the options, we decided to buy a solar pool heating system by Heliocol. We learned that the Heliocol solar “panels” that heat pool water are actually quite different from the typical electricity-generating solar panels that we see on homes in the United States or that we have on the Roof Terrace at the Villa. In fact, the Heliocol panels are actually solar “collectors,” composed of a series of tubes in which the water is heated by the sun as it is cycled through the system and then deposited back into the pool. This cycle is repeated until the pool has reached the desired temperature – at least 80⁰F! Check out this diagram which shows the process.

                                                    (Follow the blue/cold water up out of the pool, through the
                                            solar collectors where it turns red/hot, and then goes back into the pool)

The panels are nothing short of enormous. Each one measures 4 ft. x 12.5 ft., and with our monstrous 55,000 gallon pool, we have 24 of them! Here is a picture of the racking system that the solar collectors will soon be affixed to. As you can see, the racks sit comfortably between the pool and the dunes and blend into the landscape behind well-placed palm trees

Our “green” efforts don’t stop at the pool heating system as we are also in the process of replacing our diesel pool pump for one that runs on the sun’s energy. The solar pump will serve two main purposes – to filter the pool and cycle the water through the new solar collectors to heat the pool water. We love that this new solar system will cut down drastically on our diesel consumption and take advantage of one of the Earth’s renewable resources – the sun!

We are thrilled with our new solar pool heating system and solar pump and we know our guests will appreciate a heated pool and our eco-friendly nature. Bring on the sunshine!