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Day Trip to El Triunfo: An Unexpectedly Delightful Day

Itching to get out on the open road and explore a new area of Baja Sur, we decided to take a day trip to El Triunfo, a small historical mining town about 1 hour northeast of Villa Santa Cruz and Todos Santos. Up in the mountains, the town itself is very quiet and very quaint, but with some surprisingly notable things to see. With only a few restaurants, some mining ruins, and a lovely mission, you need just a few hours to get a good look at El Triunfo. To begin our afternoon, we first dined at the delicious Caffe…

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Cinco de Mayo – An American Invention?

For many people living in the United States, the 5th of May, or Cinco de Mayo, is a day to let loose and celebrate. With visions of margaritas and cervezas, crazy sombreros and delicious Mexican food, for many Cinco de Mayo is a day to leave work early and hit the neighborhood cantina for a Mexican fiesta. The irony is that while the Americans are partying it up in the USA, it is just a normal day in Mexico without fanfare, parties or even as much as a second thought given to the day…why is this? Americans widely believe that…

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Farmers’ Markets

There is little else that can convey the community feel of a town as well as a Farmers' Market - and we, in Todos Santos, are lucky enough to have two of them each week. The Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings at La Cañada del Diablo brings together a variety of delectable food products, goods and flowers. Enjoy the many delicious treats available, including chile jams, homemade tamales and fresh donuts. And, don't forget to peek your head inside La Cañada for authentic Mexican furniture, home decor details and a quick chat with the store's owner, Barbara Perkins. A staple…

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Taking the Plunge: Learning to Surf

When giving tours of the Villa to guests, the pièce de résistance, without doubt, is the spectacular view from the Roof Terrace. With sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean, our guests glimpse pinpoints of surfers in the waves and then turn to us and ask, “Do you surf?” We sheepishly look at the floor, avoid eye contact, shuffle our feet, and barely whisper, “No, not really.” We then ramble off a litany of excuses like “We’re so busy” or “I once had a bad experience in the ocean” or, my personal favorite, “La Pastora is not a beginners’ break, etc.”…

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Asana in Paradise Yoga Retreats – July 2011

We are excited to host two back-to-back Yoga Retreats in July - reserve your space now, they are filling up fast! July 16 to July 20th & July 20th to July 24th. Organized by a San Diego based group, Asana in Paradise, these retreats promise to be a relaxing, luxurious and fun-filled few days at Villa Santa Cruz.  Visit their Facebook page for more details and contact information.

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History of Villa Santa Cruz

This is the story of how we came to be... In 2001, Villa Santa Cruz founders Matt Canepa and John Brown, came down the Baja Peninsula on a surf trip and camped just north of Todos Santos and the famous La Pastora surf break. They knew immediately that the area was special and fell in love with the white sand beaches, ocean views and solitude of such a private beachfront spot. After discovering that the 45-acre property, known as Rancho Santa Cruz, was for sale they quickly decided to buy it. Over the next few years, they transformed the raw…

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Cooking Lessons

The head chef of the Hotel California, Dany Lamote, will teach you to prepare terrific Mexican dishes with fresh local and seasonal ingredients. He blends traditional Mexican cooking techniques with French, Asian and Italian styles and introduces his students to obscure Baja foods – nopales (cactus paddle), izote (yucca flowers) and damiana (a desert shrub). The class lasts approximately 3 hours – cooking for the first half, and dining during the second half. Each class begins with a welcome margarita and ends with a tasting of Hotel California’s award winning tequila. Each student leaves with a set of recipes. You…

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