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Todos Santos Yoga & retreats at Villa beach

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga Todos Santos

Ready for yoga in Todos Santos? Take a deep breath and stretch and flex your way to outer and inner strength with a private vinyasa flow yoga session at Villa Santa Cruz. An instructor will customize your experience to suit your preferences and skill level. Based on your desired schedule, you may choose a morning class on the beach, with toes in the sand – the best place for sun salutations. During your beach practice, you’ll likely see fisherman in pangas heading out for the morning’s catch, whales spouting just off shore, or little sand crabs burying themselves in the wet sand. Or, you may prefer an evening candlelit session on the Villa’s Roof Terrace, glimpsing the sunset as you swan dive into upward dog.

Complimentary Yoga Mats provided.

For Up to 5 participants: $50 USD (hour); $70 USD (hour and half)

For 6 or more participants: $65 USD (hour); $85 USD (hour and half)


Villa Santa Cruz offers many private spaces for an individualized meditation practice. Consider the balcony of your room or bungalow, the Crow’s Nest of the oceanfront palapa, or poolside on a teak lounge.  Whichever locale you choose, you can ditch your pre-recorded “nature” soundtracks from meditation apps as you’ll have the real thing to guide you through.  Just close your eyes, inhale deeply, and take in the sounds of the rolling waves, chirping birds and rustle of the wind through palm leaves. Enjoy the simplicity of nature’s symphony.

Alternatively, you may prefer a drop-in class in the town of Todos Santos. Whether you are new to yoga or have an experienced practice, the beautiful studio, Cuatro Vientos, has several weekly yoga classes to suit your style and level.  Drop-in pricing, $100 – $150 pesos per class.


If you would like to host a Retreat at Villa Santa Cruz, please contact us for more information and rates.