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Romance - Villa Santa Cruz


Whether you are dreaming of a relaxing honeymoon, memorable anniversary or simply a romantic escape, Villa Santa Cruz is the perfect setting for couples to reconnect, share a private getaway, and fall in love all over again.

Private Beach Experience

Spend the day on the expansive beach just in front of Villa Santa Cruz. The Villa’s secluded location promises empty white sand beaches, warm sun and crashing surf. Sit for hours without seeing another soul and enjoy each other without distraction.

Sunset from Hammocks in Palapa

Share a quiet ending to the day snuggled together in a hammock under the grand palapa, watching the sun drop into the Pacific Ocean.

Floating Lanterns Release

After the sun sets and the day has faded into dark, head to the Villa’s Grand Swimming Pool to release glowy Wish Lanterns. You’ll be enchanted as you watch them slowly carry your wishes across the water. $15 USD for a pair of Wish Lanterns.

Candlelight Bathtub Soak

For a muy romantico respite, be sure to book either the Agave or Ballena Suite to luxuriate in a bathtub soak, complete with candlelight and flower petals.Β  $20 USD for bathtub set up.


Indulge yourselves with relaxing massages and body therapies offered in the privacy of your guest room. Choose from Relaxation, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massages. Pricing begins at $100 USD.